Registration and Accommodation

Registration Fees

Regular registration: 150 US$ (138 euros - 105,000 chilean pesos - 500 brazilian reais)
Additional Saturday visits (Valparaiso city): 35 US$ / day (40 euros - 24,500 chilean pesos - 117 brazilian reais)
Additional visits sunday (Santiago city): 20 US$ / day(18,5 euros - 14,000 chilean pesos - 67 brazilian reais)

Registrations will be made via e-mail to the Conference Secretariat, attaching the bank receipt of the transfer.
The price includes lunch for the days of 23th, 24th and 25th, as well as the closing ceremony dinner, on Friday, 25th of August.
We will make a request to the University of Santiago de Chile to award two free credits to those attendants to the Conference who apply for them.
Attendance or participation certificates will be issued.

Bank Account

Banco: Banco Edwards Citi
Cuenta: 00-368-02610-08
Beneficiario: Rodrigo Vidal Rojas
Rut: 8.900.392-K
Concepto: Matrícula V CIARC - Santiago de Chile

Those who make bank transfer are requested to send to the receipt issued by the bank, with their personal data (name, identity number, postal address and email) and, by return of mail, receive the proof of payment of the registration.


There are plenty hotels in Santiago. Hotels with special rates for conference participants are:

Hotel San Francisco, Santiago Centro
Dirección: Alameda 816 Santiago, Chile
Contacto: Srta. Michelle Mazzarelli
Fono: (+56 2) 23604403 - (+56 2) 23604400
Móvil + WhatsApp: (+56 9) 71358186

Hotel Diego de Almagro, Santiago Centro
Dirección: Alameda 1485, Santiago
Fono: (+56 2) 6002620100

Hotel Plaza Londres, Santiago Centro
Dirección: Londres 35, Santiago Centro
Contacto: Sra. Beatriz Contreras
Fonos: (+56 2) 26396268 - (+56 2) 26320560
Móvil + WhatsApp: (+56 9) 98370527

Hotel Neruda, Providencia
Dirección: Avenida Pedro de Valdivia 164, Providencia, Santiago
Contacto: Srta. Giannina Guajardo Fuentes
Fono: (+56 2) 26633165
Móvil + WhatsApp: (+56 9) 63039724

Eurotel Santiago, Providencia
Dirección: Guardia Vieja 285, Providencia, Santiago
Contacto: Sr. Emanuel Lizama
Fono: (+56 2) 24115800

At the time of booking, indicate that you will attend the V International Conference on Contemporary Religious Architecture, with agreement of the University of Santiago de Chile.


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